Thursday, June 15, 2006


Dead computer update: Things may not be as bad as they seemed. The man from Dell came round on Tuesday and replaced the dead hard drive. And with a lot of help from a friend we managed to copy most stuff off the old hard drive onto a new external drive. The good news is that I think all my music is OK. The bad news is that I think my photos are lost. Yep. All of them. (apart from the ones on this blog and my Flickr). Nightmare.

However, Mrs Growl (who's much better at these things than me) will attempt to retreive more data from the dead drive tomorrow. Let's hope it's not in vain.

The other good news is Spain's start to the World Cup. I'm not Spanish, but I have drawn them in the office sweepstake. Let's hope they haven't peaked already. On that kind of form they can go all the way! The good thing about the sweepstake is that it's given me a team to support in the tournament. Well, apart from (like all true Scots) supporting whoever's playing England! So now it's all about dusting down the steel drums and becoming an honourary Trinidadian for a couple of hours as they take on England at 5pm. I can but hope that this won't be in vain either.

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