Thursday, June 01, 2006

Disco Pogo for Punks in Pumps - Vol. 4

It's time again. This week Volume 4...

March 2003 saw Jockey Slut hitching a ride on Royksopp’s Melody AM tour (it lasted more than a year, y’know), weighing up dance music’s debt to The Clash (they did reggae, hip-hop and punk-funk, y’know), comparing Tricky to the Sugababes (they’re different, y’know), introducing us to some of the bods from Memphis Industries (in their pre-all-conquering Go! Team and Pipettes days), making Manitoba (he had to change his name to Caribou y’know) album of the month for Up In Flames, and sitting in the S&M Café with Mr C (he has well dodgy hair, y’know) of The Shamen, The End, and er, Mr C fame.

Off the CD, my picks include: nice fuzz from the aforementioned Manitoba, epic tech-house from Mr C, woozy weirdness from Joy Zipper, old-skool dinner party tomfoolery from DJ Format, glitterball techno from Swag and Royksopp’s magisterial re-working of their own Poor Leno (one of these remix-better-than-original moments). Check them.

Download: Manitoba - Hendrix With KO
Download: Joy Zipper - Alzheimers
Download: DJ Format - Ill Culinary Behaviour
Download: Dexter - I Don't Care
Download: Swag - Minidisco 2
Download: Mr C - The Birds and the Bees
Download: Royksopp - Poor Leno (Royksopp's Istanbul Forever Remix)

Finally – has anyone out there got a copy of Dummy magazine yet? I’ve not been able to track one down. Any good?

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headphonesex said...

If I didn't have this CD already i'd be all in a lather about how good these tracks are.

Joy Zipper, Dexter & DJ Format especially.