Friday, June 09, 2006

Mojave 3 Competition!

There’s a bit of a Mojave 3 special going on at The Daily Growl over the next week or so. Their new album Puzzles Like You is out on Monday 19 June, and from what I’ve heard, it’s sounding pretty good, and could well be a fixture on a good few summer playlists. To celebrate this, and their Borderline gigs next week (I’m going on Monday), I have four posters of the album artwork to give away (courtesy of the nice people at 4AD/ Beggars). The poster is the one in the pic above and is 70cm x 50cm.

All you need to do to win one is email me with your attempt at the rest of this sentence: “Mojave 3 will look good on my wall because….” If there’s more than four people up for it, the best completed sentences win!

My address is daily underscore growl at yahoo dot co dot uk, or go to my profile for a link.

If you’re not familiar with Mojave 3, the two main people in the band – Neil Halstead and Rachel Goswell (as well as drummer Ian McCutcheon) - used to be in legendary ‘shoegaze’ band Slowdive, who were the darlings of the UK music scene in the early 90s. They released a few classic 12 inch EPs before releasing three albums between 1991 and 1995. That same year they reconvened as Mojave 3, with a definite swerve away from layered guitar and breathy vocals towards classic Americana.

They’ve released five albums to date, and to help you discover them, there’s a cool little QuickTime player you can either download here, or use online here. The player features songs from all five records, as well as a song each from Halstead and Goswell’s separate solo recordings.

The new single Breaking the Ice is a bit of a cracker. Watch the video by clicking here (for hi res) or here (for low res).

Finally, for anyone hungry for more tracks from Puzzles Like You, here’s an mp3 of Big Star Baby (courtesy of Bows + Arrows) and a BBC 6 Music session version of the title track. This and more mp3s are available if you register as a member at the M3 website.

Download: Mojave 3 – Big Star Baby
Download: Mojave 3 – Puzzles Like You (BBC 6 Music session)

Buy Puzzles Like You from Amazon

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