Monday, June 19, 2006

The return of The Sleepy Jackson

Whilst still awaiting news of the Avalanches’ return to recorded music (maybe I should give up?), it’s good to hear new stuff from their fellow Aussies The Sleepy Jackson. I totally loved their debut album Lovers from a few years back, so it’s good to hear some new material. The single God Lead Your Soul is out in the UK on 10 July, followed by the new album, Personality – One was a Spider, One was a Bird (making up for the lack of words in the first album’s title?)

At the end of May, Luke Steele (who is The Sleepy Jackson) came to London to do some album promo stuff, including a trip into Xfm to chat to John Kennedy and play some songs in the studio.

Presumably to the annoyance of his record company, he didn’t play songs from the new album, choosing instead to play some songs from the next album. These are ones he’s only recently written (including one just begun that day). Luke said that he’s “building up tunes”, that he’s “got about 30” and that he’s “going to cut another record this year”. Is this a promise of prolificacy? Well, if we believe him, he’ll be “cutting two records a year and just pumping tracks everywhere”. Well Luke mate, we look forward to it if you can keep up…

I’m still not sure about looking forward to the live experience though. They’re at the Scala on 18 July, but I still haven’t got my ticket. Last time I saw them (in early 2004) their Astoria gig was one part brilliant, one part profligate. Despite the quality of some of the tunes, they spent an inordinate amount of time pissing about on stage – at one point, the bass player even got a haircut, whilst Steele plonked about with electronics and toys.

The toy thing is still there a bit – on Hello, the new track he played on Xfm, he was accompanied by his friend Snappy on a toy gun and sword. If this sounds weird, check the track out for full effect. He also did another new one called The Right Road. And there’s a final burst at the end, which I think is an excerpt from something they’re doing live “We’re doing an old musical one” Luke said, and this is it. His voice is quite something – ranging from gravel to falsetto in the same song.

Download: The Sleepy Jackson – Hello
Download: The Sleepy Jackson – The Right Road (with an excerpt of a 'work in progress' new song just before it)
Download: The Sleepy Jackson – ‘the old musical one’

I’ll be checking the messageboard for reports from the Aussie gigs (anyone at the Perth show – anything to report?), but on the strength of the new tunes, maybe I’ll be going to see them after all…

I actually missed the start of the radio interview, so he may have played God Lead Your Soul. Here’s the album/single version. It’s a grower…

Download: The Sleepy Jackson – God Lead Your Soul

Scary hair photo from TSJ’s Flickr page. Live pic of the Perth gig on Friday from their myspace site.


music is art said...

thanks so much for posting this... i just actually wrote about their album lovers last week ;) loooove the sleepy jackson.

the blackened air said...

thanks for these! saw them at the scala in i guess 2004 and found them really annoying - annoying enough to actually leave before the end.

music like dirt said...

dj dexter from avalanches has contributed to the new Dr Octagon LP, but a new album would be nice!

Any chance on those reviews??? :) Even one so I could post 2 tracks as a part 1 :) Understand youre busy though.. I have barely updated my blog during world cup!

Enjoy the football tomorrow, sorry today