Thursday, June 29, 2006

The best of June

Shockingly early this month. Probably because I'm going on holiday at the weekend. So here are my quickly-assembled picks for June.

Album of the Month

Camera Obscura – Let's Get Out of This Country

It just has to be. I can't get enough of this album at the moment!

Download: Camera Obscura - Dory Previn

Buy Let's Get Out of This Country From Amazon

Songs of the month

Lily Allen – Littlest Things (buy Alright, Still)

This gorgeous, sad ballad is the Lily song that's doing it most for me at the mo.

The Rumble Strips – Hate Me (Buy the 7 inch)

Straight outta east London (via Devon) are The Rumble Strips. This is a cracker. My bloody computer isn't letting me record from vinyl just now, so this is a live version.

Muse - Supermassive Black Hole (buy Black Holes and Revelations)

Who'd have thought it? Until recently the putting the words 'Muse' and 'my favourite tunes' together would have been madness. But this is the business. It's all come right somehow.

Mojave 3 - Breaking the Ice (Buy Puzzles Like You)

There's a good few fantastic tunes on Puzzles Like You, but this summery (despite the title) country-pop number just shades it

Primal Scream - The 99th Floor (Buy Riot City Blues)

OK, so maybe Riot City Blues isn't the classic I was hoping for, but there are a lot of goodies on there. This is one of them

PS the photo above is a project called the knitting site , a three-story knitted house at the recent St Bartholomew's Fair, part of the recent London Architecture Biennale. Mrs Growl and some friends were involved in it.

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