Monday, February 05, 2007

Willy Mason - on the radio and round your house

So Willy Mason’s new single Save Myself isn’t that great. A bit disappointing really, maybe because my expectations were high following his fine first album Where The Humans Eat. But thankfully all is not lost. He did a live session for KCRW last April, playing nine songs, most of which were new ones (or at least new to me). And these bode a lot better for his new record If the Ocean Gets Rough than Save Myself does. I got these mp3s off some website last year which I’ve totally forgotten now, so sorry for not giving the credit where it’s due – let me know if you ripped these.

The studio session had Willy’s friend Nina Violet accompanying him on violin and backing vocals, to lovely effect. She even got the chance to sing one of the songs, which may be a Mason song, or may be one of her own (she has a band called Nina Violet and the Invisible Orchestra). Actually, it's not entirely clear what some of these tracks are called, so you've got my best guesses. Feel free to correct me.

These tracks also include Willy’s acoustic cover of Grandmaster Flash’s The Message, which is a fantastic version and went down well on this blog last year. So it’s being reposted now in its original context.

Download: Willy Mason – The World That I Wanted
Download: Willy Mason – Feel No Pain
Download: Willy Mason – So Long
Download: Willy Mason – We Can Be Strong
Download: Willy Mason – Gotta Keep Walking
Download: Willy Mason – Dream On
Download: Willy Mason – Let the Beast Keep Sleeping On
Download: Willy Mason – The Message
Download: Willy Mason – In The Darkness (Nina Violet)

Pre-order If the Ocean Gets Rough.

The pic above is taken from a gallery of photos of a Willy Mason gig the other day, in some hut out in the wilds of Yorkshire. This may or may not have been part of Willy’s current UK tour of people’s houses. Honest – he’s accepted applications for ‘house concerts’ and is now making his way round homes in various national outposts like Crawley! Anyone got him to come round their gaff in London? I’d be keen to know. As would no doubt many others.


D said...

Thanks for your blog. By the way, asked if you could upload "Live at the Barfly 26-09-06 (Xfm Xposure)" by Jeremy Warmsley a while back. Do you mind doing that? Thanks!

The Daily Growl said...

OK, I'll try to squeeze that in this week... or you could email me and I can send it to you...

Natsthename said...

I saw he and Nina when they opened for Beth Orton last year and they put on a good shot. Sorry to hear that Save Myself is a little disappointing!

Anonymous said...

I really like his new single, his house tour is kicking up a storm at present.

mypig7 said...


Can you give me some credit on your website. Those are my pictures you have posted from Willys gig at the Band Room in Farndale.


The Daily Growl said...

Chris - sure happy to - I couldn't find any more of your details when I did the post, apart from the gallery I linked to. If you have a blog or myspace, happy to link to it.

Paul said...

The good natured Mr Mason played a gig round my sister's place in west London last Sunday week (4th Feb).

About 45 people attended the gig, the record company supplied the beer (200 pounds worth) and as far as I know he spoke to every single person who attended.

He ended up partying with us til the early hours and even helped clear up the next day.

It'll be reviewed in that shite-rag the NME on Wednesday but my mate reviewed it on his blog which can be found here:


Paul said...

PS. here's the youtube vid of the party:

Alberto said...

Any chance you repost this or upload this session? If you could email it to me


The Daily Growl said...

Paul - that house gig sounds great! so jealous! a world away from Shepherd's Bush Empire.

Alberto - sorry about that. THe bloody RIAA got onto my file host who have taken the files down. What's their problem? It's not like they're commercially available elsewhere or anything. And why can't they just ask me to take them down? Idiots. Anyway, I'll try and get them hosted somewhere else, and let you know.

Jeff said...

I'd love a copy of this show as well if you get it re-upped somewhere. I'd also be happy to put the files up if you need a place to keep them for a bit.
Musicaljeff @
(minus the spaces)

Cappo Joe said...

mr Growl,
could you possibly upload this session again for me? i would love to hear it but i think the session had timed out!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Is there any way you could rehost the Willy Mason cover of "The Message"? I've been looking for it for awhile and just found this blog. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

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