Monday, February 05, 2007

The continuing adventures of Hot Chip

Anyone wondering what Hot Chip are up to at the moment? Well apart from escaping the British winter in Australia, confirming their Glastonbury appearance and not getting nominated for a Brit Award despite selling heaps of copies of The Warning (obviously not meat and potatoes enough for the judges), they’ve put out a sneaky 7 inch.

It’s not officially Hot Chip though. It’s a wee project called Booji Boy High. I don’t know which members of the Chip are involved in the Devo-namechecking sideline, but is that not Alexis Taylor on the vox? So what happened to his ‘folk project’ then? Anyway, it’s mighty fine stuff.

We’ve all heard the arguments about why so called ‘new rave’ isn’t really rave at all. And they’re right. But forget that for a minute, ‘cos if anything is new rave it’s Doubleshaw. Listen to these stabbing synths. The repetitive vocal. This is the sort of thing that takes an old man back. So kids, if you’re still holding your lightsticks and wearing your day-glo clothes, put down these Klaxons CDs and get this. Quick, before Rough Trade sells out of these nifty sevens!

Download: Booji Boy High – Doubleshaw

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Anonymous said...

Yes this is also cracking.


- JohnB