Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Leeds has produced a fair number of decent bands over the years, but for the moment, it's not all about the knees-up indie pop of the Kaiser Chiefs, or even the frenetic spikiness of Forward Russia! There's the darker side of town too. I've blogged a bit about the gloomy delights of iLiKETRAiNS in the past. Now here's another Leeds band cut from a similar cloth. Vessels have been around since the tail end of 2005, and produce some mighty fine shoegazy post rock, in a similar mould to the likes of Mogwai and Explosions in the Sky. Y'know, the quiet/loud dymanic and all that. Sometimes they sing, but like the Scottish band mentioned above, that's not always a good idea, and they should stick to the guitar atmospherics, which they are much better at.

They released a 5-track EP last year which is a decent showcase of what they're capable of. Here are a couple of tracks from it, including the glorious 8-minute long Look at That Cloud!

Buy a copy of the EP here.


Matthew said...

I am really looking forward to iLiKETRAiNS new album. They aren't exactly doing anything very new, but I like it anyway!

musiclikedirt said...

Cool - I did a bit about vessels recently too (I forget how I stumbled across them - was it from you?).

Cheers for the Beautiful South comment. I find it depressing that the passing of a one of the best bands of the last 20 years can pass with barely a mention. Agreed about the first four albums, although all the albums have some good stuff on, and Paul Heatons solo album is a fav of mine.

i concur... said...

Vessels are fantastic. Friendly lads too.

They've just released a new single 'Yuki/Forever The Optimist'.

Think you can get it on the MySpace -

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