Wednesday, February 07, 2007

My favourite 45

I've taken a while this year to get my act together and contributing to the Contrast Podcast. So for the first time since Christmas, I'm back on. And this week's podcast is a good one to get back on board with. The theme is My favourite 45, and it's just that. People's fave piece of 7 inch vinyl, transferred to digital.

Mine was a fairly easy choice. One of my favourite songs ever - Marlena Shaw's California Soul. I've got it on CD, but I went ahead and did the vinyl rip anyway, just to get in the spirit of things. This is a song I'll never tire of. I never fail to feel some excitement when I hear that single beat, and the strings sweep in. All the way through the glorious conclusion, it's an all-time classic. Amazing.

You can download the podcast from the Contrast Podcast website, and you can get California Soul on its own below. The great thing about this 7 inch is that the b-side is Marlena's fantastic version of Wade in the Water. See what I mean about it being my favourite 45?

Download: Marlena Shaw - California Soul
Download: Marlena Shaw - Wade in the Water


Tim Young said...

That is excellent. I feel a b-sides podcast coming on!

The Daily Growl said...

sounds like a good idea to me!

wood said...


This is actually my favourite all time record - needs no introduction

I own about 10 vinyl copies of this


Roo said...

I can't think of many records better than 'California Soul'. Don't you just wish it would go on for 10 minutes....that final sweep of strings is just perfection.

paul said...

It's a song that has proved impossibe to get bored of.
There are a few good covers of it as well but nothing touches Marlena's version.
Pure class.

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