Wednesday, February 07, 2007

To My Boy

Unusually for this blog, I’m continuing on the electro-pop theme for a third post in a row. The next stop is Liverpool and Chesterfield two-piece To My Boy.

I’m still not totally sold on these guys to be honest. Their debut single from the end of last year, The Grid, was promising but didn’t quite deliver that sucker punch. Speaking of which, even though The Daily Growl isn’t one of these brand-new-exclusive-mp3 blogs, I’m still a sucker for an exclusive and this is one.

Hot out of the studio where they’re recording their new album with Luke Smith, ex of Clor (remember them?) comes an mp3 of a new track Eliminate, which is quite good. You can check it out below. They’re also been taking some time out from recording to mess around with other people’s records, and the fruit of one such messing session is their ‘re-scan’ (come on, what’s wrong with good old-fashioned ‘remix’?) of fellow Merseysiders The Zutons’ Why Don’t You Give Me Your Love? Now this is probably the most interesting of the To My Boy products that I’ve been sent lately. Imagine if Digitalism deigned to sully their hands with some MOR-pop, and you'll get an idea. I guess time will tell of the quality of the rest of TMB’s output, but here’s hoping for some great stuff.

Download: To My Boy – The Grid
Download: To My Boy – Eliminate
Download: The Zutons – Why Don’t You Give Me Your Love To My Boy Rescan

Apparently the 7 inch of The Grid has sold out. You can buy the CD single, but they're not much fun, are they?


Anonymous said...

The Grid is pretty rad. Not really loving Eliminate.


- JohnB

Anonymous said...

"theGrid" is their second release. Their debut was "i am xRAY". Third single "Model" is due out in May.

Anonymous said...

Links are down?

The Daily Growl said...

Yeah - I only keep links up for a short time. Blogs aren't realy meant to be a permanent source of new music. I don't want to be overly churlish, but I suggest buying some of TMB's music - it's pretty cheap on emusic.

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