Sunday, November 19, 2006

Tiny Dancers

A lazy post from me today. I was sent this mp3 the other day, and I thought that it was decent enough to post. The band are Tiny Dancers. They're from Yorkshire, and apparently they didn't get their name because they're massive Elton John fans. Crap name though - I wouldn't have given them the time of day if I hadn't got round to downloading the song.

Anyway, it starts off quite well - nice measured moody opening. Sparse basslines. I'm beginning to think 'more gloomy 80s indie'. Then the chorus builds, the keyboard swells, and I'm thinking 'Inspiral Carpets'! Are we ready for the 'Carpets revival? There's still some nostalgia out there for the old Manc lags. Their revival tours always seem to pack 'em in. Likely all slightly portly 30-somethings remembering their halcyon student days with a tear in their eyes. Is this the market for Tiny Dancers? Probably not, though if they could write a song as good as Saturn 5, they'd surely be onto something. We'll see, I guess.

Download: Tiny Dancers - 20 to 9

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Anonymous said...

I saw them live a while ago and they did this amazing clapping song, which I have since discovered is called Bonfire of the Night. 'tis at the link below:

Nice blog btw!