Friday, November 10, 2006

Disco Pogo for Punks in Pumps Vol 12

So I was thinking “I better push on with finishing off the Jockey Slut Disco Pogo series before the end of the year. Maybe even before the end-of-year lists mayhem that will descend in December”. So I reached up to the shelf, picked up the CD case for Vol. 11 (the next one in line), and what’s inside? Nothing. No CD. Aargh! Is it inside another CD case? Is it rattling around somewhere in my house? Who knows, but given the size of my CD collection, it could be quite a while before I find it. So in advance of that happy day, I’m going to skip one ahead and give you volume 12.

This isn’t the best Disco Pogo, with more than usual average or below tracks, but there are still some goodies to be found. Note that although this year saw the final triumph of Justice vs. Simian’s We Are Your Friends (even against the might of the blubbering Kanye), the track – here under its original name Never Be Alone – was on this comp, way back in November 2003. There’s also is some nice glitchy folky tunery from The Books (though after the plea on their website, I’m a bit reluctant to post this, oh well, it came on a free comp), some butt-shaking bleeps and beats from The Juan Maclean and grumpy techno overlord Dave Clarke, soulful indie from Riow Arai.

As you can see, Peaches was on the cover and in the mag, doin’ her durty thing as usual. There was an audience with Bobby Gillespie, The Glimmers (then The Glimmer Twins). Album of the month went to Dave Clarke. The weirdest bit though was the introduction to this new band Kasabian, who were described as “The Creation produced by Four Tet” (for Processed Beats at least). Ha ha, I wonder if anyone would put Kieran Hebden’s name anywhere near the dreary pub rock Kasabian churn out these days.

Download: The Books – Motherless Bastard
Download: Grand National – Peanut Dreams
Download: Riow Arai – Break Roads (re-edit)
Download: Justice vs. Simian – Never Be Alone
Download: The Juan Maclean – By The Time I Get To Venus
Download: Dave Clarke – The Wiggle


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