Monday, November 20, 2006

Sara Lowes & The Earlies

Only a couple of days after last posting on the Earlies, I’m returning to them again. And why not? First news (via DiS) is that No Love in Your Heart and Breaking Point (posted on Friday) are out as the first single off the album on 11 December. Any bets for Christmas number 1 then? Apparently the whole new album will eventually be released on 10 inch – until they can all be wrapped up in a lovely box set next summer. One for these Earlies-fans-vinyl-collector-aesthetes then. You don’t have to wait that long for The Enemy Chorus though – it’s out on 29 January.

The Earlies are also a fine backing band. I’ve seen them playing with Micah P Hinson (in a double header which is still one of the best gigs I’ve been to in the last five years), and King Creosote. They’ve also provided backing to one of their own number – Sara Lowes. Although the core of The Earlies is John Mark Lapham, Giles Hatton, Christian Madden and Brandon Carr, their extended family takes in a much bigger group of people, including keyboard-player and backing vocalist Sara. She does her own material – a sweet, tuneful, downbeat folk-pop very well. You can listen to her current stuff on her myspace, but the best of the bunch is the limited 7 inch she released with The Earlies in 2004. It contains one of her own compositions, and a cover of the Webb Brothers’ I've Been Waiting. It’s very lovely. Have a listen.

Download: Sara Lowes & The Earlies – The Ballad of Thomas Danger
Download: Sara Lowes & The Earlies – I’ve Been Waiting

You might still be able to buy this. Try here.


Anonymous said...

hello... that Scala Earlies/MPH gig was something else, wasn't it? Just bought tickets to see the Earlies there again and I'm looking forward to that and to the new album... Thanks for these tracks - does Sara do backing vocals on Micah's first album? 'I still remember' makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, mainly because of that night at the Scala.

James Kneale

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