Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Contrast and other stuff

After being aware of the Contrast Podcast for a while, I finally got round to listening to it last week. It was No. 32 - When? It was great. The people who talked up Contrast were right. So I had a go at contributing to the next one. No. 33 came out today, and I'm on it, along with a heap of others. The theme is Album Openers. Check it out.

I'm also making a guest appearance on Sweeping the Nation. Or at least I did last week. It's part of their series Songs to Learn and Sing, where basically they invite other bloggers to contribute a lesser-known classic that they think everyone should hear. Mine is Willie Hightower's amazing version of Walk a Mile in My Shoes. Read more of my praise here.

I'm finally getting round to updating the links on my sidebar. I've been annoyed with particularly the music blog links for a while. I've got a whole load of great British music blogs bookmarked that I read regularly, which weren't in my links. It's a bit of a work in progress, so there will be more added shortly. I just wanted to single out a couple of them.

Firstly, possibly my favourite (newish) blog of the moment is The White Noise Revisited. Not for them the heat of buzz bands, or the lure of the well-in-advance mp3. No, it's just top-notch writing about good, interesting, new or obscure music.

Another even newer blog is Three Pink Monkeys. I have a bias on this one, because I know her, but I think it's a good blog, and well worth a read.

And finally, lazily, an mp3. No real reason apart from that it popped into my inbox at the end of last week, and I like it. Hot Chip remixing Plan B's Who Needs Actions (the title track of his album). Think Plan B. Think Hot Chip. Put them together and you've got the idea.

Download: Plan B - Who Need Actions (Hot Chip Remix)


Tim Young said...

Good to have you on the podcast ... hopefully you'll stick around now you've discovered the joys of group podcasting?


The Daily Growl said...

Oh yes - no worries there...

mike said...

Hey man It's mike from nothingbutgreenlight - can you drop me an email @ mikesmithmikesmith+comment at gmail dot com


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