Friday, November 17, 2006

Earlies to return, a little late

For a band named The Earlies, they’ve certainly kept their fans waiting a long time for their new album. I’m one of these fans. I loved their debut long-player These Were The Earlies, a wonderful concoction of country, psychedelic rock, and even dub. It was my favourite album of 2004. And ever since then I’ve been eager to hear what they’re going to do next. Not even the trickle of beautifully designed and packaged 7 and 12 inches of songs from the album really satisfied the urge for more.

But it looks like the wait is almost over. Despite the Texas-Manchester outfit’s new album being delayed, it looks like it’s going to hit shops in January 2007. And it’s going to be preceded by a few limited vinyl releases of songs off the album. They did this last time too, and there sure were some lovely records.

The first single from the new album The Enemy Chorus, is No Love in Your Heart, and you can stream it on their myspace. Seems like they haven’t changed the template massively. There are still the synth swirls, the mean basslines, the sweeping strings, the lovely harmonies, layered vocals, the blasting horns. It sounds great. Epic even.

Then yesterday I got another track, courtesy of the fine website that it The Downloader. It’s an instrumental called Breaking Point, and like No Love in Your Heart, it displays all of the classic Earlies hallmarks, except with only a faint smattering of vocals and a bigger and dirtier synth sound. It’s all good and bodes well for The Enemy Chorus. Roll on January then.

Download: The Earlies - Breaking Point

And just to remind ourselves of how good they've been, here's a couple of tracks off These Were The Earlies.

Download: The Earlies - Morning Wonder
Download: The Earlies - Song for #3

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