Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Paper Planes

With all this talk of MIA yesterday, it seems appropriate to revisit her, particularly since Paper Planes, the finest track off Kala has just been released as a single on tasty 12 inch, with more dodgy artwork. It’s possibly the best thing Maya Arulpragasam has ever done, what with its gunshots, cash registers, Clash sample and killer tune. This time it comes backed with the obligatory range of remixes, some of which are plain lazy with just a rap stuck on top, but others are better, none more so than James Murphy’s reworking. Honestly, everything this guy touches at the moment turns to pure gold. And this remix is no exception.

Buy Paper Planes from Rough Trade.


Anonymous said...

its the DFA remix.
can we just leave it at that instead
of trying to make the mp3 seem
ultra special for your blog?

m.i.a.-paper planes (DFA remix)

thank you

The Daily Growl said...

eh? I'm not trying to make it extra special or anything. The CD promo I got from XL says 'Paper Planes (remixed by James Murphy of the DFA)'. I just left out the 'of the DFA' from the title. Sorry if that's a problem. Are you saying it's not by James Murphy?

Anonymous said...


legia said...

anonymous #1 - you tool, James Murphy is one of the co-founders of DFA.

now piss off

Woods said...

Wow such epic hatred on an otherwise innocuous blog entry. I think it's safe to assume that anyone who's reading blogs about MIA and DFA know that James Murphy's half of DFA. Anonymous may be slightly out of line but it seems legia is missing the point. Is no one happy that daily growl just gave the song away for free?

Anonymous said...

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