Saturday, March 29, 2008

More Broken Records

Just getting one in before the end of the week. I've been sick as a dog (just how sick do dogs get anyway?) and haven't been able to get much up here, but it would be wrong to let the week pass without another Broken Records post. Mind you, the main track I'm posting has been on my computer since last October, so hardly hot off the press and another week would have made little difference.

But then again, this week was the week of the first Toad Session, lovingly put together by Matthew Song By Toad - the first band of course was Broken Records, in for an acoustic session. And a very fine thing it is too. If you've not heard it, get ye over there now, listen, watch, download, do what you need to do to hear the band formerly known as the best unsigned band in Britain.

Formerly, I say, because they have a deal - at least for one single - with XL offshoot Young Turks. And that single is the glorious If The News Makes You Sad, Don't Watch It, which will be known and loved by anyone who's bought the Broken Records 4-track website EP (or downloaded if from a blog you cheeky buggers). This is the same track that I half-heartedly caught as the band played on Marc Riley's BBC 6Music show last autumn. By then I had heard Matthew rave about them, so I knew I should press record on my digital radio, but at that time I hadn't taken Matthew's praise seriously enough to either record the whole session, or listen to them much at all until early January this year. Oh well, more fool me. I'll pay more attention to his ramblings in future.

Download: Broken Records - If The News Makes You Sad, Don't Watch It (live on BBC 6Music)

And speaking of the single, here's the b-side, also very good. This one won't be up here for long though. Just buy the single!

Download: Broken Records - Lessons Never Learnt

Pre-order the delicious If The News... 7 inch from Rough Trade. You can still buy the EP from the band's myspace.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the B-side. It's one of my fav live tracks but not being an owner of a record player I feared this song may slip me by.

The Daily Growl said...

You're welcome, though i would recommend getting a record player. Honestly, you'll be so pleased you did. Plus if anyone's reading this once the track's been taken down, you'll no doubt be able to download it from emusic (the other Young Turks stuff is up there).

Rahaha said...

hey there, thanks for posting hte BBC session... i have "A Good Reason" from it somewhere someplace also. Great great band!

The Daily Growl said...

You have? I missed that one. Well, missed the start so counln't record, but heard enough of it to realise that it's an amazing version! I'd love to have it...