Friday, March 07, 2008

A little sort of Mae Shi extra

A couple of weeks ago I raved about the new album by LA pop-punks The Mae Shi and now here’s a couple related projects I've come across lately.

First up Gowns, a band whose core is made up of Ezra Buchla, who used to be in The Mae Shi, and Erika Anderson formerly of Amps for Christ. But don’t expect any line of continuation between Ezra’s former band and his new one, the two are miles apart. Where the ‘Shi show off energy, snappy synth action, cheery guitar riffs and mass singing, Gowns are about the polar opposite – the songs are slow, stripped down and often reject conventional structures and tunes for something more textured. Though they both share a certain intensity and religion-referencing lyrics. At least that's my impression from the songs streaming at Gowns' myspace. It's weird enough on the right side of good to make me interested enough to want to hear more and it could be worth checking out their album Red State, released in this country on the ever-excellent Upset! The Rhythm record label. Maybe someone can encourage me further.

Download: Gowns – White Like Heaven
Download: Gowns – Feathers

Secondly there’s Brad Breeck, who is still in The Mae Shi, but is doing a sideline as the ‘composer’ for a film called One too Many Mornings, currently being produced on a shoestring in LA. It’s described as a comedy revolving round a guy called Fischer who looks after a church so he can sleep there, and his friends who show up at the church. Sounds like there may be potential there, but they’re still looking for money to finish it, so a website has been set up with info and links for donations etc. It could be a good cause. Breeck has already written a sort of theme for the film, or at least a song with the same title. This is closer to The Mae Shi of course, but with all the electronics and other noise stripped away. Enjoy.

Download: Brad Breeck – One Too Many Mornings

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