Friday, March 07, 2008

A good start

Not so much a good start actually - how about a brilliant start!

A couple of days ago, End of the Road Festival announced its second lot of bands for this year's bash on 12-14 September. This was in addition to the first lot of bands announced a couple of weeks ago, which were:

Mercury Rev, Two Gallants, Micah P Hinson, Mountain Goats, Sun Kil Moon / Mark Kozelek, Jeffrey Lewis, Jason Molina, A Hawk And A Hacksaw, Bob Log III, The Wave Pictures, Woodpigeon, Friska Viljor.

If you think that's good, how about this week's lot:

Low, Dirty Three, British Sea Power, American Music Club, Billy Childish, Akron/Family, Kimya Dawson, Darren Hayman (Darren and Jack Play Hefner Songs), FM Belfast, Laura Marling, Devon Sproule, Angelo Spencer, The Pyramids and Kelley Stoltz.

Now, as expected, I don't know all these artists, but there are enough Daily Growl favourites there to make me sure that it's going to be the best festival of the year again. Not that I wasn't going to go before I heard the line-up though - I've had a good enough time there on previous years to want to go back every time. In fact, I suspect the EOTR organisers have been looking at my record collection. Or at least my

Anyway, given the first two names in the latest batch, I'm hoping for an In The Fishtank-style collaboration. They need to play this track at least. It's too beautiful not to.

Download: Low & Dirty Three - I Hear... Goodnight


last year's girl said...

This lineup is so good a crowd of us are coming down from Glasgow. I know you had the wee one last year, but any idea what the campsite is like?

The Daily Growl said...

The campsite is fine. We camped there in 2006. I think it was expanded last year and there was a family section added (which suits both parents and non-parents - I know this after being wakened by kids shouting at 7am in 2006). It's in a lovely location. Facilities are rudimentary but no more so than any other festival.

Will be good to have you and the Glasgow posse down. You know it's going to be great!

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