Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Early Years revisited

With all this talk about Krautrock, it seems appropriate to revisit one of the most under-rated bands of the last couple of years - The Early Years. Their self-titled debut album from 2006 was criminally ignored by almost everyone (myself included) when it came to the end-of-year best ofs. The album was good, but that's not my concern here. It's actually one of the band's lesser-known tunes, tucked away on a b-side, but in my opinion their finest hour. This is where they show off their true Krautrock credentials.

More than that, the track I Heard Voices, is right up there with the greats. The Early Years are a band who know how to use their effects pedals, and they’ve manipulated their sound to perfection on this tune. The drumming is nothing short of superb and it’s this rhythmic thread that holds everything together so well. At almost 12 minutes long it may appear daunting, but never once does it outstay its welcome. In fact, given the slow measured build-up through this whole time, when they're about to end it, they’ve got themselves into such a fantastic groove that you just don’t want it to stop. I could listen to it for another 12 minutes at least.

Download: The Early Years – I Heard Voices

Here’s hoping for more Early Years goodness in 2008.

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Anonymous said...

The mp3 isn't ok, can you upload it again?
Early Years are awesome!