Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Disco Pogo for Punks in Pumps - volume 9

It’s been a while since the last Disco Pogo post, so here’s volume 9. Another cracker. There’s not a duff track on the CD, but I’ve managed to select six for your listening pleasure.

We have James Yorkston providing guest vocals to thy Psychonauts’ nice slice of electro-folk and Calexico getting their Woven Birds given a suitably downbeat rub-down by Stratus. Elsewhere on remix action we have Soulsavers giving poolside vibes to Broadway Project. There are two fine pieces of hip-hop – Prefuse 73’s short and sweet The End of Biters and (a new one for me) Aceyalone’s fantastic Takeoff. It’s a shame that a track of that quality hasn’t led to a take-off for the man also known as Eddie Hayes. My selection is rounded off by Shaun Ryder’s 2003 odd comeback under the guise of Amateur Night at the Big Top (no I don’t know either).

In the magazine we hung out with Dizzee Rascal in his East London manor (mine too), and learned in the news section that he had go stabbed in Ayia Napa, as the UK garage (remember that?) feuds spilled from the streets of London to the Med. As you can see from the cover, there was a big feature on the 2 Many DJs boys. We had an audience with Shaun Ryder, went on the road with Prefuse 73 and Manitoba (before punk reject Handsome Dick Manitoba forced them to change their name), and delved into rap history with the hippy-hop of Native Tongues, A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul. Album of the month was Echoes by The Rapture – how timely, eh?

Download: Psychonauts – Hips for Scotland
Download: Calexico – Woven Birds (Stratus Remix)
Download: Broadway Project – Sufi (Soulsavers Remix)
Download: Prefuse 73 – The End of Biters International
Download: Aceyalone – Takeoff
Download: Amateur Night in the Big Top – The Story


grumblemouse said...

52 pick up with your brain - fucking love that Aceyalone tune - who know Jean Michel Jarre could be so cool

just wanted to say that I love how you roll on these old magazines - I bought an old cope of Straight No Chaser but was defeated by it

anyway thanks for reminding me of this tune BAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDDDD

Anonymous said...

soulsavers baby. this album is fukin amazing. it doesnt matter wat time or day or how im feeling. i want soulsavers. all the time. lanegan, rock on