Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Disco Pogo For Punks in Pumps - Volume 1

Remember Jockey Slut? For those outside the UK, it was a music magazine which covered mainly electronic music, techno, leftfield and other assorted 'dance' stuff. It started its days back in the early nineties as a Manchester-based acid house fanzine, moving to Shoreditch in London in the late 90s and going glossy. It was latterly produced by Swinstead Publishing, along with their style mag Sleazenation. Unfortunately sometime in 2003, things went a bit wrong. Sleaze went belly-up, closely followed by Jockey Slut in early 2004. In the March issue, they said they were going 'quarterly' but that was the only quarter that ever came out (the over-optimism of this press release has still to be realised). Which reminds me - they must still owe me some subscription money!

Starting in November 2002, and running till almost its sad demise, JS gave away a whole series of free CDs, each under the name Disco Pogo For Punks in Pumps. They were pretty good, and introduced me to some fine new tunes. I'm going to work my way through these CDs over the next few weeks, bringing you what in my humble opinion are the best tracks from each. Let's start with the first one then, shall we?

Download: Simian - The Swarm
Download: Lucky Pierre - Angels on Your Body
Download: Underworld - Mo Move
Download: RJD2 - Ghostwriter
Download: Roots Manuva - Bashment Boogie (Shadowless Tomz Remix)
Download: Danny C - The Mexican (Jockey Slut Edit)


tmu said...

You so made my top blogs of the year by doing this!I miss my Jockey Slut.Wordy-birdy.

The Daily Growl said...

Yeah, I miss it too. It obviously made it across the pond, then. It was a good mag, despite the dodgy name. Shame. Still, glad to be of service...