Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Daily Growl myspace music special

I’ve haven’t really put a lot of effort into the whole myspace thing yet. But since setting up my own myspace site to link with this blog, I’ve had quite a few bands either requesting to be my friend, or letting me know about their myspace pages. I’m not that desperate for friends, so I'll give them all a listen before approving them or not. The upshot is I’ve discovered some decent artists who I’d probably never heard about otherwise.

So here’s the first instalment (well, there may be another, who knows?) of some of my new myspace friends. Nothing really groundbreaking here, but definitely worth a listen. See what you think.

From Brooklyn, there’s Little Victories (seemingly no relation to the past and present UK bands Small Victories, I assume), who are doing a decent bit of instrumental post rock. Does this mean that Mogwai is in their friends? I can’t be bothered looking through all 1426.

Download: Little Victories - Opus

From Cincinnati, there’s TMU, who is doing some nice downbeat electronica, which fits nicely alongside some of the other electronica I’ve been listening to lately, like Nathan Fake, Battles, Posthuman, and oddly (though not quite electronica) Animal Collective.

Download: TMU - In the Back

From Glasgow, The Yellow Bentines. It’s basically indie pop, but highly likeable, with real mainstream appeal. Will they be big? Maybe there’s too much of this kind of stuff out there…?

Download: Yellow Bentines - Francesca

From London, Dogsend Squash Club. “What a racket” their myspace declares. That’s kinda right, really. A good racket too (for our American friends, squash in the UK is what you call racket ball). No live dates though.

Download: Dogsend Squash Club - Lights Out (demo)

And finally, from LA, The Minor Canon emailed me to say that I might ‘dig' them. I go to their myspace and what’s this? No songs for downloading! But fear not, fellow bloggers mp3hugger, and Who Need Radio? are hosting them. Get ‘em quick. They’re quite good.

And despite what I said above, I really wouldn't mind if you became my friend.

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Anonymous said...

that dogsend tune is incredible