Friday, May 12, 2006

Big up the Transgressive Records massive!

I occasionally enter competitions on John Kennedy’s excellent Xposure show on Xfm. Occasionally I win something. The other week I won a compilation from Transgressive Records, an indie label that’s fast becoming another Fierce Panda, what with their habit of grooming tomorrow’s indie stars.

The CD is basically a collection of all the tracks on the first five singles they put out on the label, some of which are by bands who have since gone on to bigger things, such as The Subways and Mystery Jets. It’s not all famous people though – there’s Ladyfuzz, who have yet to break through, and a band called burningpilot who I’d never heard of before.

Not all the acts on the CD I’m terribly convinced about though. I’ve never really liked The Subways that much, and though this hasn’t changed, I know they’re liked by many peeps out there in blogland, so I’ve posted one of their rarer tracks.

And Mystery Jets I’ve never really got into, though lately the Justice remix of Can’t Fool Me Dennis has begun to work its way under my skin. Of the tracks on the comp, Zootime is particularly good, but Lizzy’s Lion is less well known, so is posted for your disovery.

I’m not that impressed by Ladyfuzz, but you can see what you think. However, burningpilot were a pleasant surprise. Two decent spiky guitar and keyboard/synth tracks that whilst not entirely original, are very pleasurable.

The best though, has to be The Pipettes. Before they signed to fellow indie Memphis Industries, Transgressive put out their first single ABC. It’s a cracker, but the lead track is trumped (in my opinion) by b-side Judy. We’re all expecting great things from the polka-dotted ones this year. I’ve yet to hear a duff song. Go girls!

Despite my lukewarm attitude much of the music on this comp, I have nice warm feelings for the people who run the label. Maybe it’s to do with the handwritten note that accompanied the CD congratulating me on winning it, and thanking me for "keeping it Transgressive". And some free badges. Very indie, but they seem like lovely guys. So they’re surely worth some of your time. It’s almost worth buying the album just for the Pippettes songs, and it’s worth keeping an eye out on their other artists – currently including The Young Knives, Jeremy Warmsley and Regina Spektor. They could go far. You never know…

Download: The Subways - You Got Me
Download: Mystery Jets - Lizzy's Lion
Donwload: Ladyfuzz - What's it Worth?
Download: burningpilot - Can't Kid a Kidder
Download: The Pipettes - Judy


mike said...

Love the Pippettes tune, I've only just stumbled on your site, I look forward to reading more

the blackened air said...

aren't transgressive funded by emi or someone? or am i thinking of moshi moshi...

The Daily Growl said...

Moshi Moshi are an indie. Are you thinkig of 679?