Friday, May 12, 2006

The Daily Growl World Cup Special

This post goes way against my better judgements, for a number of reasons. Mainly because it involves football, a metal band called Fuckshovel, and an England World Cup song. I don’t do football or metal at the best of times, no matter how ironic it is (metal that is – football is never ironic, people take it way too seriously). And I’m Scottish for goodness sake!

However, I’m going to run with it because I heard about this from a reliable source of good music, because the World Cup is almost upon us, and because the official England World Cup song (by Embrace) is… well… have you heard it? Uurrrggh.

As I said, I don’t do football, but I do love the World Cup. Every four years I get interested in the game for three weeks. ‘Real football fans’ must get pissed off by people like me who jump on the bandwagon just for big international tournaments. But then again, I bet some of them think Christmas is the time to buy CDs, or the summer is the time to watch Hollywood blockbusters. So there.

Anyway, there are a lot of contenders for England’s unofficial world cup song, no doubt most of them utter crap, but one of the silliest of which has to be by the aforementioned F-Shovel (as they’re calling themselves for ‘commercial’ purposes). My problem with it is that although I appreciate the irony, will the more Neanderthal England fan? It does take the piss out of them, but I can still see the tattooed skinheads singing along with "Attack Attack" as they smash up another German bierkellar. But then again, maybe not.

Head over to their special myspace site for the song, and see what you think…

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