Thursday, January 18, 2007

Good new electronica: Drone

Today, it's time for some good new electronica. You may not have heard of Drone yet, but you may be hearing more very soon. And not just here. Drone is known to his mother as Cassidy Phillips, he's from West Wales, and he's just delivered up a little gem of an album, full of polished blips, bleeps, noise and some 'real' instruments. I could go on about it more, but no need - I've done a review of it over at The Downloader.

What you can't do at my Downloader review is listen or download (though you can download a heap of other tracks), but thankfully you can here. Check these two out.

Then head over to The Dude's Abode to order the album Colourformoney.

If you've not browsed around The Downloader before, you should. In addition to the many fine reviews, you'll find some from me - listening to and writing about the good (Husky Rescue), the bad (Ying Yang Twins, The Answer, Bromheads Jacket and more...) and the indifferent (Little Man Tate).

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