Monday, January 15, 2007

Findlay Brown

Findlay Brown is the latest singer-songwriter to potentially benefit from having his song on a TV ad. You’ve probably seen it – it’s the cheesy one for Mastercard that was on over Christmas, with the families being reunited at airports for the festive season. His song, appropriately titled Come Home, was that gently strummed and sung acoustic number in the background.

I missed the chance to see Findlay last year – at least at the End of the Road festival in September but probably also in some other support slot somewhere. His name’s familiar. But I guess I didn’t give him much more thought until a couple of tracks popped into my inbox last week. As with all of these things, I took a while to get round to listen to them, but I’m glad I did. They’re very good – in particular the lovely country-tinged Tonight Won’t Wait.

Come Home was on a 5-track EP released last December called I Don’t Know I Love You. His new album Separated by the Sea is out ‘soon’ I hear. This may not be the last time you hear about Findlay on this blog.

Download: Findlay Brown – Separated by the Sea
Download: Findlay Brown – Tonight Won’t Wait

Download the rest of I Don't Know I Love You from Rough Trade Digital.


Tim said...

I got Findlay's album the other day thru the post, its a really nice listen. He supported Danielson and Jeffrey Lewis, that may be where you've seen his name before

Llangollen Fringe said...

Catch Findlay Brown in a rare live appearance on the England/Wales border:

Anonymous said...

What a shame that a potential big star could only manage a half hour set at Llangollen Fringe!!!

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