Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Frightened Rabbit

Admittedly, I have Pitchfork to thank for this one. I had heard of Frightened Rabbit before (another band that I failed to check out at the End of the Road festival last year, but I mean, there’s only so many bands you can see), but had never got round to checking them out. They’re from Glasgow, and I’ve got a natural bias for any band from my home city. Not that Glasgow hasn’t been responsible for a fair amount of musical crud in it’s time, but you know, I’ll always give artists from there more chance than others. Usually.

Anyway, Frightened Rabbit. They are mysterious brothers Scott (guitar) and Grant (drums). Their myspace suggests there may be another two band members called Billy and Flesh. And it seems like the US might be catching on to them quicker than their fellow-countrypeople. Who knows, they could ‘break’ the States and return to the UK as conquering heroes. Just like Dido.

They’re quite good really. Indie guitar music done pretty well. I guess that sounds like I’m damning them with faint praise, but I can’t be bothered doing the whole “they sound like X band” thing today. Suffice to sat that their album Sings the Greys is full of that lovely warm guitar sound and melodies that Glasgow bands seem to do so uncannily well. Just have a listen to these tracks and see what you think.

Download: Frightened Rabbit – Be Less Rude
Download: Frightened Rabbit - Behave

Buy their album Sings the Greys from their very own online shop.


Megha said...

Hiya. They sound like a nice band. The download link on your blog is not working for some reason.
I don't think their songs will be available on file share networks(?)

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