Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Big in 2007: The Baby Growl

The very last post in the Big in 2007 series is not really music-related, but it is the biggest thing for me that – all being well – will take place this year. That's because the most obvious big thing for me at the moment is the rapidly increasing size of Mrs Growl’s belly, growing to accommodate the developing Baby Growl inside. He/she will hopefully be launched into the world sometime around 8 June. Then my life will be changed forever.

So although the Daily Growl will continue with the usual stuff after then, you may notice that the posts are slightly less frequent (for the first few weeks at least), and there will be definitely be less gig reviews. But there will certainly still be lots of good music. After all, I do want to bring up my child properly, don’t I? And part of that is surely a decent soundtrack.

This year, you may have to put up with the odd baby-related post. However, being a child of the 21st century, The Baby Growl already has a myspace and most of its own blogging action will happen over there. Remarkable I know, but technology these days can do amazing things.

And of course, a couple of inevitable baby/children-related tracks.

Download: Pulp - Babies
Download: Brian Wilson - Song for the Children


musiclike said...

Good luck to you and Mr's Growl :)

I was expecting "Baby, Youre my light" - Richard Hawley

Personally I would go for Sly & The Family Stone "Just Like A Baby" or "Brickbat" by Billy Bragg

mjrc said...

hey, congrats on entering the next big phase of your life. aren't those sonogram pictures the coolest?

Richard said...


Thats such awesome news!
Congrats to um, Mrs Growl.

Lots of love from the Smiths

Anonymous said...

Congrats! but I warn you, don't assume that you can control what your kids like. My 10 year old loves the Hannah Montana Soundtrack.