Friday, August 15, 2008

Working overtime

Here's a rag-bag collection of various remixes and stuff that's been rattling around in my inbox lately. I don't normally go for the whole remix thing, but there are a few I've been listening to which are worth sticking up here because I think they're good. Note: this is not just some vain attempt at getting myself top hits on The Hype Machine, but kids, if you really do want to get your blog into HM's top 50, you have to post a remix.

Anyway, first up we have Brit hip-hop veteran Roots Manuva. His new album, the dodgily-titled Slime and Reason is set to drop on 1 September. Before that comes the single Again and Again and from that, a couple of remixes have been doing the rounds. One's from Matt Helders, one of the guys from the Arctic Monkeys who isn't Alex Turner. If you're thinking that the Monkeys connection might be getting exploited for more exposure, you may be justified. But Helders acquits himself adequately on the mix, and there's not a choppy guitar to be heard. Better though is the Moody Boyz reworking who bring both the dub and the dancehall party. It's all shaping up nicely for the album.

mp3: Roots Manuva - Again and Again (Matt Helders Remix)
mp3: Roots Manuva - Again and Again (Moody Boyz Remix)

Keeping things in the Ninja Tune camp, here's on from one of their recent signings, The Qemists. I know little of them apart from this bangin' (oh, listen to me) remix featuring Mike Patton. How did that happen? Whatever the case, it's good and is cause alone to investigate this Brighton outfit further.

mp3: The Qemists - Lost Weekend feat. Mike Patton (Hot Pink Delorean Remix)

A little bit removed from all this is foot-stompin', harmonica-totin' blues nutter Son of Dave. You may not think that an electro reworking (by Michel Boombass of Cassius, no less) of this sort of thing would work, but have a listen to this and let me know what you think. I reckon it does. In other related news, the crazy dude has tackled Daft Punk's Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. Check it out at the SOD myspace.

mp3: Son of Dave - Hellhound (Boombass "Jack on the Rocks" remix)

I think that'll do for now. Back to pleasantly-strummed guitars soon.


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