Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Singles going steady 27: The Flaming Lips

Time I got back again to raking through my old CD singles. It's been a while.

Next CD I come across is The Flaming Lips. And this is value for money. Now kids, please don't ever buy music on the primary basis that it offers value for money - that really isn't a good criterion. But it's sometimes a nice bonus. In this case, it's because back in 2003 Oklahoma's finest released an EP that not only boasted seven tracks, it seemed to be genuinely trying to offer something new. The title track Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell isn't even present in its original form, instead appearing as two different, both rather good remixes. Then there's a reworking of their classic Do You Realize?? and four brand new (at the time) tracks.

Musically, these newbies offer a stylistic as well as chronological bridge between Yoshimi and At War with the Mystics, though to be honest the latter wasn't exactly a huge departure from the former. Maybe just lacking in as many obvious big pop tunes. Anyway, I love the Flaming Lips - they're good value, even though they've been peddling the same live show for almost a decade now - and these are top-notch tunes.

mp3: The Flaming Lips - Assassination of the Sun
mp3: The Flaming Lips - Ego Tripping (Self-Admiration With Blow-Up Mix)

Buy the Ego Tripping EP from Amazon.

Singles going steady 1-26.

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