Thursday, October 25, 2007

Singles going steady 12: The Breeders

A quick return to the old CD singles then, and this is a goodie. From back in 1993, it’s The BreedersCannonball. In short, this is a great song, and deservedly an 90s classic. From the ace feedback at the opening, though the moment that that bassline cracks into life and then sets about propelling the song along, through the ace guitar lick and all culminating in the big distorted chorus. It all just hangs together so perfectly and it’s no wonder that Kim Deal and her assorted and ever-changing bandmates never made anything else as good as this. Not that they were bad mind, just that this is an indie classic of the highest order.

Download: The Breeders – Cannonball


Elwyn said...

I enjoyed the b-sides on this single too.

They were:
- Cro-Aloha (a variety on No Aloha recorded in the Cro Magnon studios, if I recall correctly)
- Lord of the Thighs (a mocking version of the Aerosmith song)
- 900 (a song about some crew members in the 1800s who got ship wrecked in ice, ate from their supplies of early tin where the tin got absorbed into the food, and they went insane)

Anonymous said...

I had this cd single back in the day as well the b-sides were pretty good. I actually prefer Cro-Aloha to No Aloha, because i heard the B-side rendition prior to getting the album (doesn't sound quite right after hearing the other first)

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I like old music, I've heard The Breeders are perfect because their songs transport us to other times, and that's what I like because new music sucks.m10m

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It is quite odd singles right now. Before where a song was so famous. they released a single. The downside is that it had the same price of a new cd.

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