Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pre - Epic Fits

Here’s something you don’t normally get on The Daily Growl – a good dose of fast, shouty noise rock. I don’t normally listen to this kind of thing, but it would be remiss of me to let this one pass without some kind of comment.

The band in question are Pre, a London-based five-piece centred round guitarist John Webb (aka the guy who works in Rough Trade) and singer Akiko "Keex" Matsuura (who’s also in the band Comanechi). Also in the band is former Seafood (remember them?) bassist Kevin Hendrick.

All you need to know is that Pre make a hell of a racket. In the best possible way. There’s no let-up all the way though their debut full-length record Epic Fits. They don’t slow the pace. They certainly don’t do ballads. It may be short on tunes, but it’s high on noisy energy and thrills and a dash of fun. So much energy it seems, that they can’t last more than a minute or so with each raucous, yet carefully constructed, sonic blast. Keex screams her way through each track, accompanied by crashing guitars and her bandmates’ own shouts.

Good though it may be on record, it’s live that the band really come into their own. I haven’t actually been able to see them yet, but they do have a pretty wild live rep. I have heard very good things. Gigs seem to be gloriously chaotic affairs, which may or may not result in the band injuring themselves (see this for evidence of Keex’s willingness to suffer for her art). They’re just finished a US tour, so hopefully there’ll be some London dates again in the not-too-distant future.

Download: Pre – So Jazzed
Download: Pre – Popping Showers
Download: Pre – Know Yr Teachers

Buy Epic Fits from Rough Trade or download from emusic.


Mr Rossy said...

Nice piece, most nosiy albums i just can't listen to...but i'm totally hooked on this one. She's one of the best front laddies about in my opinion, given karon o a run for her money...not afraid to get sweating and go mental etc..

The Daily Growl said...

indeed. the sooner i get to see them the better. need to check out comanechi too...

Tom OMG said...

wow i reallly like this!
judging by the photo at the bottom they'd be a pretty sick live act.

Jay said...

oooohhhhhhh holy shit! this is very RAW, NOISE and SICK! owww i really like this! Should check their video, hope there's some on YouTube.

While karen o is cooling down with her native korean rock, this could be very very RAW!!!!

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