Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The big catch-up 3: Soft Hearted Scientists

On paper this might have been the perfect album for me. Seemed like psychedelic indie pop of a sunny disposition. The press release promised “an alarming flood of melody”. So why am I not totally sold on it?

It all starts so well too. Atmospheric intro, then gently picked guitar leading into a deep male vocal drone chanting "sunnnnnnn". But then it’s spoiled by someone singing “Drive the little white car up the A470…” All the romance disappears in the face of a song about a road! Then there’s the bit that gets a loyal urbanite like me “waterfalls and animals and glittering sky, there is nothing in the city which is half as pretty”. Sorry folks, it just doesn’t wash.

This is somewhat representative of how I feel about his album, the second from Welsh band Soft Hearted Scientists. Don’t get me wrong – there is a lot here to enjoy. There’s often the right amount of indie jangle, harmonies, swirly keyboards, echoey vocals and psychedelic colourings, but if often feels like there’s something holding it back. Is it the lyrics, which sometimes grate a little? Is it because it just seems a bit lightweight? I’m not really sure, but there is something preventing it having that special zing which lifts the whimsical tunes from something nice to something great. See what you think with these samples though. More tunes on their myspace as well.

Download: Soft Hearted Scientists – I Wanted You
Download: Soft Hearted Scientists – Meet Me in the Milky Way

Take Time To Wonder In A Whirling World. isn't out in pysical formats yet, but you can download it from iTunes.

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