Saturday, July 21, 2007

Adrian Crowley

I’m keeping it Fence-related for the third post in a row now. This time Adrian Crowley. Are you thinking that Adrian’s not really a rock ‘n’ roll name? Well, he’s not really aiming to rock your boots. His approach is much quieter, much more subtle, so let’s not do the name-dissing thing.

Although he’s on Fence Records, Adrian isn’t actually from Fife. He hails from Galway, Ireland instead. He’s no newcomer either, not with three albums and a couple of singles already under his belt before falling into the Fence camp. It seems these albums were a bit hard to get hold of though, because Fence has just re-issued two of them A Northern Country (originally from 2004) and When You Are Here You Are A Family (originally from 2001, recorded with Steve Albini no less).

My introduction to Crowley was through a track on the recent Fence comp Don’t Fudge With The Fence Made (which I previously posted on). Then a few weeks ago I bought his new single, the first in a limited edition series of 7 inches called Secret Fence. The songs are very simple and often very beautiful. Although there are a few contributors to the record (including James Yorkston), it’s Adrian’s sonorous voice and gently picked acoustic guitar which stand out against the backdrop of haunting violin and gentle harp strains. Lyrically all these songs are related to the sea, which may or may not interest you. For me it sparks off a certain imaginations and memories which end up taking me to a place I like. Understated and lovely.

He’s recorded a new album which will be coming out on Fence soon enough, no doubt.

Download: Adrian Crowley – Bless Our Tiny Hearts
Download: Adrian Crowley – Long Distance Swimming

Buy the Star of the Harbour 7 inch, and AC’s previous albums from the Fence shop.

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mp3hugger said...

Nice piece. Crowley is finally getting the recognition he deserves over here in Ireland, I'm sure the world will follow suit soon.