Monday, July 02, 2007

The big catch-up 2: Beats, bleeps and remixes

Today it’s the turn of dancier side of the stuff that’s been sitting around my house and computer for the past month or so. Here are my picks.

First up, a couple of remixes. Kate Nash’s single Foundations has been a real grower for me, moving from indifference when I first heard it to totally loving it now. Looks like it’s her big breakthrough too – number bloody 2 in the charts this week! This is a fine reworking of that tune from the Metronomy boys. The other is a remix from the even-hotter-right-now talents of Crystal Castles making over LiarsIt Fit When I Was a Kid. Didn’t think you could dance to Liars? You can now.

Download: Kate Nash – Foundations (Metronomy Remix)
Download: Liars – It Fit When I Was a Kid (Crystal Castles Remix)

I’ve not really been that impressed by Messages, the new album from To My Boy. I’ve tried you know, and I can sort of appreciate the certain dash in singer Jack Snape’s voice – even when he tries on the John Lydon PiL affectations – but good vocals aren’t going to rescue an album that seems a bit short on decent tunes. Still, it’s not without its merits, and there are a few likeable tracks. Here are two of them. I’ve heard they’re pretty good live to, so maybe that’s where it’s at.

Download: To My Boy – I am X-Ray
Download: To My Boy – Oh, Metal

Better than this is the new single from German outfit MIT, who are making their English language debut with Good Book on Half Machine Records. This is a song that wears its influences well. I don’t know if this band are big fans of LCD Soundsystem or not, but they sure sound like it. But no matter – it’s as good as this sort of stuff gets – plenty of energy and zing with a shoutalong chorus and propulsive bassline. Some might say that it’s a perfect time to release this song, others may suggest maybe not because it might get lost amongst the trendier names (hello Simian Mobile Disco, Digitalism). That would be a shame, because together with its agreeable short and messy b-side Auf An Aus, it’s a tasty little 7 inch for you to get your mitts on.

Download: MIT – Good Book

Buy Messages and Good Book from Rough Trade.


jamila FUCKING DANCE said...

oh i completely adore To My Boy, they're really quite intense live. and woo for MIT!

This Journey I'm On said...

just how do you find that remix of foundations "fine". its interesting... at best. it leaves me with the impression that it was the handy work of a 5 year old on a synth who recruited two homeless people for vocals - and paid them each $1.20 to so they can buy another 40oz steel reserve