Thursday, June 28, 2007

A surfeit of pink

Bear with me. One last baby-related post, before I get back onto proper bands and reviews and things. I sort of need to get all the pink out of my system.

You see, you get a lot of pink when you have a baby girl. And not all of it is desired either. Not that Mrs Growl and I are opposed to pink per se – not even baby pink. But the surfeit of pink that has enveloped our house in the last few weeks is something else.

My parents came from Scotland a week or so ago, bearing many gifts which nicely managed to excise the nonsensical stereotype of tight Scots. We got stuff from folk who we don’t know, and are only acquaintances of my parents. Most of the pressies are pink, and there are only so many pink dresses you can take, really. I mean, we're grateful for folks' generosity, and some of the stuff is fine, but others are so evidently bought by people a generation or two older than us. What does one do with all these pink dresses? We’re not sure we want to inflict these on The Baby Growl. She may grow up to hate us for trussing her up in these synthetic, old-fashioned frills. Or maybe not. Maybe she’ll become one of these super-pink girls. I could tolerate that, only as long as she likes good music.

Speaking of which, here are some tenuous pink-related tracks. Not all of them are relevant or even appropriate for a baby theme, but they all share the word 'pink' and they’re all good.

Download: Blonde Redhead – Pink Love
Download: I Was a Cub Scout – Pink Squares
Download: The Flaming Lips – Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots (Part 1)
Download: Nick Drake – Pink Moon
Download: Pulp – Pink Glove
Download: Johnny Flynn & The Sussex Wit – Tickle Me Pink
Download: Nathan Fake – The Sky Was Pink
Download: Pink Mountaintops – Cold Criminals

OK, back to normal now…


Matthew said...

Dress garden gnomes in them and float them off down the Thames one at a time on little rafts.

The Daily Growl said...

Now there's an idea. I could even call it an art installation!

RWC said...

didn't the psychedelic furs get it right then? ('pretty in pink')

jessicajlee said...

As a girl who loves pink frilly things and has good taste in music, I must say I resent my parents for not putting me in enough pink. Dresses are my vice. There's only a short window in which you get to be adorable in pink dresses. It happens between the ages 0 and 4. Put her in that dress and let her run around a garden. It'll be cute. Once she can run, that is, which (unless you're putting something in the milk) will be a while from now. :D

The Daily Growl said...

We're not opposed to pink per se. In fact we have a nice one that she'll be wearing for a friend's wedding in a couple of weeks. Just that some of the stuff the oldsters got us was just a bit urgh...