Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Quick and easy: Black Cab Sessions

Not much time for proper blogging at the moment, but I've got an excuse for that. Instead enjoy a couple of film clips of two of The Daily Growl's favorite artists playing songs in the back of London black cabs. These 'black cab sessions' are the work of the people at Hidden Fruit. Nice start folks - who next? Londoners can also try to work out where the cabs are driving.

Emmy the Great

Johnny Flynn

And this wouldn't be an mp3 blog without a couple of tracks:

Download: Johnny Flynn & The Sussex Wit - Cold Bread
Download: Emmy the Great - Two Steps Forward (a live band version of the song she's playing in the cab)

Thanks to Simon Sweeping the Nation for the heads up on the Youtube clips.

You might also be interested in my previous Johnny Flynn post with live radio tracks, now re-uploaded.


Tom OMG said...

i really like that emmy track
thats such an original idea, sessions in a london black cab

angelheadedhipster said...

fantastic - emmy and johnny are the two most exciting musical and lyrical people in england at the moment, absolutely awesome...and johnny is such a good guy.

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