Thursday, June 28, 2007

Singles going steady 6: I heart Bjork

The next one up in my trawl through my decaying collection of CD singles is a timely one, following as it does Bjork’s stunning performance at Glastonbury last week. I’ve been caning her albums at home ever since, and Volta hasn’t even popped through my letterbox yet. This single is another CD that Mrs Growl brought to our marriage, but I’m very glad of it. It’s the 1997 single Bachelorette, off the Homogenic album, and features a couple of very handsome b-sides.

My Snare is another Mark Bell production, and it could easily be something she’s brought out this year. Scary is one for all those who lazily compared Joanna Newsom to Bjork (in the voice department at least), what with its harpsichord and all that. And last is a remix of Bachelorette from Howie ‘remember him?’ B, which wisely leaves the original fairly intact.

Download: Bjork – My Snare
Download: Bjork – Scary
Download: Bjork – Bachelorette (Howie “Spread” Remix)

I can’t leave this post without including the awesomeness that is Declare Independence from aforementioned Glastonbury show. I’ve always hated these festival flag-wavers, but somehow here it makes sense.

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John said...

A rather wonderful musical coincidence:

I did lots of Glastonbury preparation this year. One thing was that I joined a CDR exchange scheme -- I got dumped in a pool of six people, and each person compiled a CD and sent it to the other five.

I was listening to one of these CDs as I was on my hands and knees colouring in a campsite flag with a permanent marker. "Declare you independance" kicks in. "Create your own flag". It made me grin. And what a track!