Monday, April 09, 2007

Singles going steady 2: Avalanches remixes and b-sides

Second stop on my journey through my old CD singles. This one features my Avalanches CD singles. A year ago I posted some Avalanches remixes of other people’s stuff, and then I wondered out loud when we might see a new album from Melbourne’s finest. A year later and it seems we’re still no closer to a new album, though there have been some developments.

The three remaining Avalanches have a club called Brains in a bar in Melbourne, and there are some mixes and mash-ups on their website that you can download (if you register) And before anyone complains that these are just mash-ups and not new Avalanches material, may I note that the whole of Since I Left You was really one big mash-up. So what we have now is real progress.

Apparently in January they posted on the website informing us that about 40 tracks were being considered for the new album and "It's so fuckin' party you will die, much more hip-hop than you might expect, and while there is still no accurate estimated time of arrival, we're sure you're gonna love it when it arrives ... It's ended up sounding like the next logical step to Since, we just had to go around in a big circle to get back to where we belong. And one day when you least expect it you'll wake up and the sample fairy will have left it under your pillow"

So all good news then. Now back to the past for a few tunes – some tracks from the aforementioned CD singles. Three remixes of Avalanches tunes by other people – Dr Rockit, Andy Votel and Mario C (whoever he may be) - and a couple of decent b-sides.

Download: The Avalanches – Electricity (Dr Rockit’s Dirty Kiss)
Download: The Avalanches – Thank You Caroline (Andy Votel Remix)
Download: The Avalanches – Frontier Psychiatrist (Mario C’s 85% Remix)
Download: The Avalanches – Everyday
Download: The Avalanches – A Different Feeling

And a final bonus of one of the mash-ups currently on their site. Wham vs. Digitalism!

Download: The Avalanches – Ray of Zdarlight

Buy Since I Left You, if you don’t have it already.

Photo of the Avalanches DJing in February from JCriquet's Flickr photostream.

I can't sign off before posting the amazing video for Frontier Psychiatrist. Enjoy!


Dave The Ox said...

Mario C is better known as Mario Caldatto, engineer, musician and all around funky guy who is best known for his work with the Beastie Boys.

Anonymous said...

Mario C is even quoted on Beastie Boys songs:
"Mario C likes to keep clean..."

(from intergalactic, i guess)

Anonymous said...

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JCriquet said...

Glad you liked the photos, and I appreciate your linking to my flickr site page. :D

I have some friends who are friends with the Avalanches. Last I heard, the album was definitely coming soon, though I couldn't get a set date either.

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