Thursday, March 23, 2006

Wherefore art thou, Avalanches?

Whatever happened to The Avalanches? The other week I put on their classic 2000 album Since I Left You, and wondered, six years down the line, what they’re up to now. So I did some quick research, and here’s an update for you, so you don’t have to go looking yourself…

1. The new album is still coming. Or, as they put it “exploration into sampled inner space continues”. The good news is it’s “sounding damn exciting from all reports”. The bad news is that we still don’t have an idea of when. Still, we can console ourselves with the claim that “recording is proceeding much quicker than with the first album believe it or not”.

2. They’ve been flirting with soft rock – notably re-editing most of Bon Jovi’s Slippery When Wet album (apparently “excluding wanted dead or alive and without love which are shit”). Aussies and those in Oz had the chance to hear them at recent DJ sets in Sydney and Melbourne. The rest of us can only imagine…

3. Tony Diblasi apparently “has a fine new haircut, he did it himself”, and rather more mystifyingly “its rad crooked multiplied by elf”. There seems to be further facial hair development, as evidenced by pics here.

And er, that’s about it, apart for a pretty ace new range of merch, which can stave off the desire for some new tunes. Look stylish at the summer festivals, and get people saying “oh the Avalanches – I remember them”.

So in the meantime, here are some remixes that the Avalanches have done for other people. If Wikipedia is to be believed, there are only six of these ever done (and if you know better – get updating). Four of these are below. All of them are good. Even the Manic Street Preachers one. Honest.

Download: Badly Drawn Boy - The Shining (Avalanches Good Word For The Weekend Mix)
Download: Manic Street Preachers - So Why So Sad (Sean Penn Mix - Avalanches)
Download: Belle & Sebastian - I'm A Cuckoo (by the Avalanches)
Download: The Concretes - Chico (Avalanches' Wernham Hogg Remix)

If you haven't got it already (shame on you) buy Since I Left You


supergurg said...

never fear! :) The Avalanches are currently playing a couple of shows around Australia and the new album is due out soon hehe


walkathon said...

Hey, that Manics remix is still one of my all time fave remixes ever - utterly brilliant how they reworked it.

And new album, soon, please.

The Daily Growl said...

Have you seen them recently supergurg? Dying to know what they're sounding like!

Anonymous said...

i got to see them dj. it was the amazingly fun! they finished w/ born to run which is the coolest thing ever.

Mattskws said...

Could you re-up these songs or send them towards mattskws(at)gmail(dot)com? I would really appreciate it.

Steve said...

Oi mate, I second the re-up notion. if so i would really like the manic street preachers mix, the concretes mix and the badly drawn boy mix.
much love if the email does it, send if off to

Adi said...

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Kranky said...

Does anyone know what the sample at the end of Rolling High is? The flute bit over the funk?