Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Magic Arm

Here’s a new band today. Or rather that should be a new artist. For Magic Arm is really just one guy – Marc Rigelsford from Manchester – who is pursuing a very pleasing and interesting line in psychedelic alt-folk music.

Unusually for a British artist, I first found out about Magic Arm from an American source - via the excellent blog by Grizzly Bear’s Ed, who recently posted the song Outdoor Games, which seems to be the only track currently available out there. Since then both Said the Gramophone and that ever-reliable source of good UK music Nothing But Green Lights have both been on Magic Arm’s case.

And rightly so. It’s no surprise that Marc’s music is liked by someone out of Grizzly Bear, as there is a definite kindred spirit there, in the way that the song moves from lo-fi warmth into the expansive echoey sound used to great effect by the Brooklyn band. But there’s also harmonica, wheezy organ and tinkling piano to add to the heady mix of what is one of the best songs by a new artist I’ve heard in ages.

This and the three other songs streaming on the Magic Arm myspace all bode well for the debut EP, also called Outdoor Games, which is released on 11 June. It seems just too far away at the moment. Can’t wait.

Download: Magic Arm – Outdoor Games.

According to the website, there’s also a Magic Arm cover of Daft Punk is Playing at my House. Gotta hear that!

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