Saturday, October 28, 2006

Jamie T at the Barfly

A couple of weeks ago I didn't go to see Jamie T at the Barfly. But I did record the gig off Xfm later the same night (another one of John Kennedy's XPosure Live shows). After seeing Jamie doing his solo acoustic thing earlier this year, I was keen to see what he'd be like with a backing band. Good though the solo show was, I felt that his songs could have done with being a bit more fleshed out. So I was surprised to see that Time Out had said that his band makes him sound a bit pub rock. A bit unfair, I thought.

Well, you can see what you think. The tracks are posted below. I can kinda see where TO are coming from. There's a quite lot of guitar in some of the tracks, and if there's one thing we really don't need, it's another spiky guitar band. The reason we love Jamie is because he sounds nothing like them. But hey, the lad's pretty good anyway. These tracks give me a decent impression of his live band show, and I'd still love to see it. Maybe sometime soon.

Download: Jamie T - Calm Down Dearest (live)
Download: Jamie T - NWA (Not Without Apology) (live)
Download: Jamie T - Ike & Tina (live)
Download: Jamie T - Pacemaker (live)
Download: Jamie T - So Lonely Was The Ballad (live)
Download: Jamie T - Northern Line (live)
Download: Jamie T - If You Got The Money (live)
Download: Jamie T - Salvador (live)
Download: Jamie T - Sheila (live)

NB These are posted on YSI, since my usual file storage (EZArchive) seems to have given up the ghost. If the file has expired or exceeded its download limit, let me know and I'll re-post.

Update: I've re-uploaded these on a more permanent host - so they should be around a while longer

The pic above isn't from the Barfly gig. I couldn't find any suitable ones so I used my photo of him at Summer Sundae instead.


Andy Goddard said...

i can;t get northern line - and the tracks onwards to work, any help would be.... awesome!

andy goddard said...

*i correct what i say - i can't get the songs "northern line" and "if you got the money".....


dunha said...

the files have expired...
can u re-post it?
thank u!

Fred Slaughter said...

I went to see Jamie T up at the Tonbridge Wells Forum, earlier this year, with full band. Pub Rock?! Rubbish. Jamie is a breath of fresh air to the new wave of arctic monkeys copyists, and the addition of the backing band has given all his songs a whole new and more powerful meaning by making them sound so much bigger. I cannot wait until his new album in January!

arrows and sparrows said...

hey, i wen to see him at brighton audio and definately this fella aint pub rock or shite-indy-rip-off-libertine-wannabees, his band remind me of the clash if they'd stuck to the guns of brixton vibe and that is no bad thing. Jamie t is the best live act ive seen for a long time.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the songs!!!!

Anonymous said...

go post them again please mate. i've been hunting like mad for some live stuff.

Adi said...

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