Friday, October 20, 2006

Disco Pogo for Punks in Pumps volume 10

It's high time I got back onto the Disco Pogo series. Are we at volume 10 already? Yep - the one from the September 2003 edition of Jockey Slut. This time my picks of the CD are: Cody ChesnuTT's ace bluesy hip-hop, Jon Kennedy's drum-tastic The Lodger, the haunting electronica of Soulsavers, the afro-tinged beats and skewed jazz of Modeler, the punky techno of Legowelt, and my favourite of the bunch, Brooks' reworking of Willis' Paper and Stone, passing the gritty soul of the original thorough a electonic filter to magnificent effect.

In the magazine the Chemical Brothers introduced their greatest hits, we were introduced to Cody ChesnuTT, Chris Clark (back now with a new album), The Psychonauts, and had a Q&A with the national treasure that is Norman Jay (MBE of course). Single of the month came from techno pioneers LFO and album of the month came from Richard X, a man who was quite the thing back then, but seems surprisingly quiet these days. Or maybe I'm just missing something.

In related news, I finally managed to track down a copy of Dummy magazine, which is being apparently run by some of the same people who did Jockey Slut. And it's really quite good. I'm going to do a post on it soon, so hang on there. In the meantime, check out these beauties.

Download: Cody ChesnuTT - Serve This Royalty
Download: Jon Kennedy - The Loafer
Download: The Soulsavers - Runblefish
Download: Willis - Paper & Stone (Brooks' Paper Cuts Remix)
Download: Modeler - Island Life
Download: Legowelt - Sturmvogel


Ken F said...

Hi, could you please reupload the Jon Kennedy track! I heard a sample of it once, been looking for it for ages! Be awfully nice of you, if you did!


wagner said...

hi, do you have the music, LEGOWELT-STURMVOGEL of album "Disco Pogo for Punks in Pumps volume 10"??
if yes, send to please !?