Friday, February 03, 2006

Music on the Underground

No, not the Carling-approved buskers. Guardian journo Dorian Lynskey has done a version of the tube map, with bands replacing the stations (and explained himself). Not an entirely original concept I know, but a whole lot of fun. However judging by the comments, there's a lot of sourpusses out there who would like to have seen him include more oldies (or their favouritest band), less hip-hop or not bother at all, and do something more useful (like sorting out this whole cartoon affair maybe?).

Anyway, I liked it. I like the fact that the Central line (the longest) is devoted to reggae, I liked checking out all the intersections and I even don't mind that much that my station is occupied by 'trip-hop' weirdo Tricky (where is he now though?).

And it's 'official'! You can even buy it!

So, what's your station? And are you happy to be represented by that artist?


ems said...

I was trying to figure out who Neul were until I zoomed in a bit more and realised my stop is actually Neu! I have to admit to being indifferent on that one.

I don't quite understand the hostility - surely a harmless piece of fun?

Paul Linford said...

Saw the map, but I thought the whole concept was a bit flawed really. A family tree would have worked a lot better. How, for instance, can you demonstrate the influence of the Beatles by representing them as a station on the District Line? They ought at the very least to have been Oxford Circus or Tottenham Court Road!

A more logical way of doing it would have been to have started in the centre with the seminal influences in the history of rock 'n' roll such as Little Richard, Chuck Berry and James Brown and then worked outwards in the different directions that the music took, ending up with, say, Basement Jaxx at High Barnet and Belle and Sebastian at Wimbledon.

One other major gripe: no Smiths.

The Daily Growl said...

Yeah but rock family trees have been done before - this hasn't that I've seen - except on the Saint Etienne homepage of course! And there are always going to be major ommissions - even the guy who did it said that some of his favourites weren't in there.

An easier one to do would be maybe based on the Glasgow Underground. Just one small circle!