Friday, January 06, 2006

Mr Galloway goes to Elstree

I nearly fell off my chair when I read this last night! My local MP, 'the infamous' George Galloway has entered the Celebrity Big Brother house! At first it was quite astounding, but why should it be really? It's in keeping with his self-publicising, self-serving character. Some have pointed out / complained that he's away from his 'work' for potentially three weeks, but why break the habit of a lifetime? Why do the work of a consituency MP, when there are foreign visits to go on, and speeches that you can charge people to hear?

On going into the house Georgie-boy said that the show would be a "chance to show a large and different audience what I'm really like" - what a smarmy egotistical git? Hey, maybe he will. Maybe it'll be a good thing for him to stay in for as long as possible. It'll be interesting to see him embarrassing himself, and seeing if he can engage Jodie Marsh and that guy out of Goldie Lookin' Chain in some political debate (or maybe not - he won't be able to get paid for it!). And maybe we'll finally see the end of the term 'Gorgeous George' which is often, mystifyingly, used to describe him - I mean, have you seen him? Well, thousands more will now...

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