Monday, January 02, 2006

Favourite compilations of 2005

I created this category last year, because I was listening to a lot of compilations of music which wasn't necessarily the same type as I was listening to on my favourite artist albums. I wanted to a more representative sample of the music that was moving me. In 2006 however, I wasn't listening to nearly so many compilations (probably something to do with more internet usage and downloading), but for what it's worth here's my top comps of the year.

1. Rob Da Bank presents Sunday Best
Sunday Best record label boss and Radio 1 DJ Rob Da Bank presents the fruits of his label’s recent efforts, and a fine selection of eclectic late night grooves.

2. Soul Gospel
Kinda as you’d expect from the title. Soulful gospel music from the likes of Aretha and the Staple Singers plus a load of gems you won’t have heard.

3. The Sounds of Monsterism Island
Graphics wizard Pete Fowler (he of Super Furry Animals sleeve fame) compiles a set of out-there psycadelic tunes for an island of the monsters he’s created.

4. 2046 Soundtrack
My film of the year, and what a soundtrack to add aural pleasures to the visual delights of Wong-Kar Wai’s movie.

5. Soul of Sue Records: New York City
Classic old school soul music from the classic soul label. From famous artists like Ike and Tina Turner to more obscure gems.

6. Prisoners of Love – Yo La Tengo
I discovered these indie legends this year through this fine double comp. A great starting place for similarly interested parties…

7. Dirty Laundry: The Soul of Black Country
Just to show that country isn’t the preserve of white men in plaid shirts – here are black soul and funk artists in, er, plaid shirts, donned specially to cover some country standards. The gap between soul and country has never seemed so small.

8. Studio One Lovers
I always thought that lovers rock was the sappy side of reggae – the equivalent of ‘smooth R’n’B’. Well, thank goodness that although there’s rubbish, there are also gems like these

9. The Singles - Basement Jaxx
Just proves what a strong collection of tunes Basement Jaxx have managed to release in what seems a short space of time. This is the must-have Jaxx album.

10. Oscillations from the Anti-Sun - Stereolab
Another opportunity to discover indie legends through a compilation, this time arty synth pop kings and queens Stereolab. Almost worth it for the classic ‘French Disko’

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