Monday, June 02, 2008

Singles going steady 25: The Diff'rent Strokes

This week, Woolies announced that it was going to stop selling CD singles. Should this be a big deal? Given that the shop in question was the UK’s biggest singles retailer, it’s being seen as another nail in the coffin of the physical single. I don’t really mind the demise of the CD single – I quite like the thought of going into a proper music shop (as opposed to one that I’d go to for cheap homeware) and seeing only vinyl. Then things would have come full circle.

But despite the imminent death of this crappy format, I’m going to continue on with my trawl through my CD singles tower, because there are many gems to be found there. Though I’m not sure this is one of them.

The what-the-hell-is-this expression on Mrs Growl’s face said it all when I played this CD the other night. What was coming through the speakers was a Bomtempi muzak version of The Strokes’ Last Nite, followed by similar preset-based versions of three other classics from This Is It. That’s about all I can say about it. I was unsure about posting this, as I don't know if it’s just a piece of cheesy junk to be tossed into the charity shop pile, or a curiosity worth keeping for future reference. Heck, I can’t even remember buying this thing – what was I thinking? But here it is, and you can let me know what you think. Top or tosh? Silly or sublime? Wonderful or worthless? With reference to the latter – if you think I’m mad, you should check out the dude who’s selling a copy for over twenty quid on Amazon marketplace. Now that’s real lunacy!

Download: Diff’rent Strokes – Last Nite
Download: Diff’rent Strokes – The Modern Age

If you actually like this, you can go to Amazon marketplace, where the lowest price at the time of writing is the none-too-cheap £5.99.


Anonymous said...

strokes album is IS THIS IT not THIS IS IT

The Daily Growl said...

Well well, so it is. What a terrible mistake...

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Well actually selling singles of some singer that sells a lot of copies is not a good business, maybe she wasn't good at all or the ratings went down.