Thursday, June 12, 2008

Half-handed Cloud and the Henningham Family Press

Here’s a post on behalf of my friends David and Ping*, who are the Henningham Family Press. They’re putting on an event with Half-Handed Cloud at The Foundry on Old Street on 26 June.

It’s not a gig as such – they describe it as:

“a collaborative music and silkscreen printing project. This project will culminate in a live printing and sing-along event at the Foundry. Half-handed Cloud and the Henningham Family Press will transform the venue’s basement into a 12-foot wide vinyl record player, and use it to perform some new material - never before seen or heard. This event brings together the pressing of a print and the pressing of a vinyl record”

If you’ve not heard of Half-Handed Cloud, he’s also known as John Ringhofer, friend of Sufjan Stevens and sometime member of his backing band. He’s also recently been a touring member of Danielson. John is signed to Asthmatic Kitty who have released his seven albums and EPs, and last time he played in London, Sufjan guested on drums and percussion. This time his famous friend won’t be in tow, but the night at the Foundry promises to be an intriguing one. Hope to see you there…

I’m not very familiar with the music of HHC, but hope to remedy that over the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, here are a couple of tracks. There are more of these free at the Asthmatic Kitty website.

Download: Half-handed Cloud – Animals Are Cut in Two
Download: Half-handed Cloud – We're Very Greatly Loved

Buy HHC stuff from AK. Here’s nice flyer for the event, printed by David and Ping* on their press.

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Anika said...

Hmm... I really want to go to this. The only thing putting me off is the fact I haven't found anyone who wants to come, and I only have a day left to find someone! It sounds very interesting, I'm not sure what to expect.