Tuesday, January 08, 2008

You need Broken Records

Here’s a band that I’ve ignored for way too long. I’ve known about Broken Records ever since Matthew from Song, By Toad started writing enthusiastically about them last year, but only ever casually listened to them. My mistake. Last week I gave their tunes more of my time and now I’m convinced that they’re easily one of the best unsigned bands in the country right now.

Surprised then to see that no-one other than the venerable Drowned in Sound are tipping them for greatness this year. Maybe they’re still too much under the radar, and presumably haven’t played many gigs outside their native Edinburgh (or at least central Scotland). But though they don’t have any official releases in the shops, they do have a four-track EP for sale via their myspace. You should really buy it.

Why? It seems that even though they only formed a year ago, Broken Records have somehow emerged fully formed and substantial – no whimsical or roughly recorded home demos with this lot. Right from the start they’ve got a huge sound, which will no doubt have the critics reaching for words like ‘Arcade’ and ‘Fire’ before too long. It’s not an unreasonable thing to say though, what with their effective use of violins, mandolins, accordions and shouted vocals. But I’d also add words like ‘The Waterboys’ and maybe ‘Broken Social Scene'. Whatever the comparisons, far more than most new bands just now, you need a bit of Broken Records in your life.

Here are a couple of tracks – one from the EP and another nicked off Song, by Toad.

Download: Broken Records – A Good Reason
Download: Broken Records – Nearly Home

Buy the EP from their myspace. Have I said that already? Worth saying again.

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